The proper way to carry your skis… or not?

By February 10, 2016Ski

Without doubt, one of the most challenging tasks as a beginning skier is trying to carry those 5 foot wooden planks through the ski village without leaving either a trail of destruction or an average atmosphere as if someone waded through the masses with a Wooden Axe reinforced with double-deck carbon.

Yes, it is a weapon

It must be said, carrying a pair of skis can be a daunting task.

Keeping it safe while not having the skis on your boots can be as challenging as trying to nail that black downhill run without braking your leg – or ego.

The following video – not by me, unfortunately – is probably the best summary ever given on ways people try to handle them snow transportation devices called alpine skis…

How great as some methods may be… we stick to “the local”!